Spectator Seating

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Royal Stewart is your one source solution for all your clients’ gymnasium, auditorium, and sports facility needs. After 50 years of service and commitment, you may know us by name, but you may also be hearing from us for the first time.

Royal Stewart Ltd. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company that has maintained an exceptional history of quality and service throughout the Canadian market. Royal Stewart’s CSA and factory certified sales and installation departments have the training and experience to help you bring your project from concept to completion.

For over 50 years, Royal Stewart Ltd. has been committed to bringing the highest quality sports and playground products to its customers in Canada, the United States and many countries abroad. Over the years we have had the pleasure and satisfaction to oversee a great many projects in Elementary, Middle and High Schools, Universities and Colleges, as well as hockey rinks, football and baseball stadiums. To name a few we are proud to have supplied two Pan American games (1967 and 1999), two Olympic games (Montreal and Calgary), University of Regina Center for Kinesiology Health and Sport, The University of Lethbridge, Tournament Capital Center Field House in Kamloops, and the Outdoor grandstands at the Medicine Hat Drag Race Association.

Together with our experienced sales team located throughout Canada and the United States, we can simplify the difficult questions that go hand and hand with the process of space planning and layout. Our representatives will discuss all aspects of your program requirements with you and incorporate them into your overall master plan.

Our Team is here to help, we will go beyond the call of duty to ensure your customer is completely satisfied and your spectators are safe.

Vertical Support Columns: Minimum size is 11 gauge closed-seam structural steel tubing 1.5” x 3”, with 1.5” x 4.5” when required. It’s the heaviest in the industry.

Steel Angle Sway Bracing: Our angle iron steel bracing gives superior support over flat steel bracing or formed steel, 1.5” x 1.5” x 1/8” to 3.5” x 3.5” x ¼” with additional bracing on higher row installations as required. It’s also the heaviest in the industry.

Posi-Slide Guide Rod System: Ensures a straight and smooth pull every time. Captive ½” cold-rolled steel rods are used…the heaviest in the industry.

Once Piece Wheel Channels: 1 piece 11 gauge C-Channel gives you precise wheel alignment and maximum rigidity, also heaviest in the industry.

Wheels: 4” x 1.25” diameter soft non-marring wheels. 8 – 12 per row for a sure footing and consistently smooth pulls.

Posi-Roll upper-guide system: Nylon roller ensures a straight and smooth pull every time.

Seat and Deck Brackets: 7-10-12 gauge steel, the heaviest in the industry.

Posi-Drive Electric Operation: Self weighted, independently hinged tractors are the best performer in the industry. Motor systems are available on 3 – 30 row bleachers.

Row Locks: Our row locks are ¼” steel, they automatically engage and release for controlled operation every time. They are also the heaviest in the industry.

Decking: Consists of 19/32” nominal Douglas Fir CC grade plywood with exterior glue and solid cross bands. An extruded aluminum H clip is placed between the sections. Deck boards are finished with a layer of high density polyethylene plastic (panel am) .025 - .030 thick.

Southern Yellow Pine Seating gives you the classic look of wood seats. Bench style seating is available in both 4/4” and 5/4” nominal thickness. Made from Grade B+ better single species southern yellow pine, this seating is double sanded and finished with 2 coats of polyurethane.

Contoured Seat Modules are available in both 10” and 12” sizes. All CSM’s come in 14 vibrant colors, made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), injection molded and have a FULL 1” interlock to ensure a tight seat-to-seat alignment.

With our VIP telescopic platforms you can achieve the ultimate in comfort while maximizing the functionality of your facility.

VIP fold down chairs are available in a variety of widths ranging from 19” – 24” in plastic, padded or fully upholstered options.

The foot pedal assist gives you the ability to fold down up to 11 chairs at one time.


Public Seating

Download our seating brochure here for more information.