University of Lethbridge

3200 Series Retractable Bleacher, plastic VIP seats, 2 colours.

William Glesby Centre

3200 Series Retractable Bleacher, fully upholstered VIP seats.

Catholic Central High School

2400 Series Retractable Bleacher, plastic contoured seat modules, 2 seat colours for lettering.

University of Winnipeg

Duckworth Centre - 3200 Series Retractable Bleacher, plastic VIP seats, 3 seat colours for lettering.

Weston High School

2400 Series Retractable Bleacher, plastic contoured seat modules.

About RSL

You're here because you want to build something and you need the equipment and expertise to accomplish it. We are here because for over 50 years we’ve done just that – helped people bring their project from concept to completion.

Let’s get the basics out of the way: we are a 100% Canadian owned and Manitoba operated company that provides quality service, and reliable, safe and affordable product to the sports and recreation market. These are the fundamentals of most equipment companies, and we are no different.

So how about we get to what sets us apart? We are a young, vibrant team of professionals who are passionate about what we sell and how we sell it. We will not only go beyond the call of duty to help you create your dream facility, but we are willing to follow up, answer any questions, and even play a game or two with you once it’s all finished. We do it because we can and we care. We are out there living it, getting involved and supporting you every step of the way. Who knows, we might even take you snowmobiling or fishing on our day off (we’ve done it before).

While we may be Canada’s oldest sports contractor, our staff certainly isn’t. Consider us more like a dynamic team who are looking towards the future, but staying true to the company’s values since the day it was first established by its founder named Royal Stewart. Seriously, we didn’t make that up.

Maybe people trust us because the name is based on nobility, but we prefer to think it’s because our products have stood the test of time (and we aren’t too bad ourselves).

We have consistently evolved with new technologies, designs and building codes, and yet the durability of our merchandise, combined with safety and comfort, have kept us in the game.

Whether you are looking for a standard piece or a custom accessory for your gymnasium, auditorium or sports facility, our broad range of products will accommodate any job of any size.

Royal Stewart's CSA and factory certified sales and installation team have the training and experience to simplify the development, explain the terminology, solidify the plans and help you build what you want. It’s only a success if you are happy.

The truth is, in today’s competitive industry, we wouldn’t still be here unless people liked us. Our close relationships with our suppliers allows us to react quickly to changes, so modifications or information can be available in minutes, not days, which ensures your project deadlines are never put in jeopardy.

We make sure that you enjoy the process as much as the outcome, because watching your concept come to life should be half the fun! We are here to stay because for us, the job isn’t finished until you are proud to say that Royal Stewart made it happen. When you choose us, you are choosing a winning team.

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