Royal Stewart Ltd. Services
Various School Bleachers - 2013:

University of Winnipeg Duckworth Centre – Winnipeg, MB

Vincent Massey Collegiate – Winnipeg, MB

Central Collegiate Institute – Moosejaw, SK

Riverview Collegiate – Moosejaw, SK

Hill Spring School – Hill Spring, AB

W.R. Myers High School – Taber, AB

Charles Hays Secondary School – Prince Rupert, BC

Corellieu Secondary School – Quesnel, BC

Northlands Parkway Collegiate – Winkler, MB

Full sport contracting package - supply and install. Backstops, Protective Padding, Gym Divider Curtain, Scoreboards, Game Standards.

St. Paul's High School – Winnipeg, MB

Full sport contracting package - supply and install. Bleachers, Backstops, Hide-A-Bench Seating, Gym Divider Curtain, Scoreboards, Game Standards.

Johnson Waste Management - Winnipeg, MB

The complete electrical install for their new 30,000 sq. ft. corporate offices.

Camille Townhomes - Winnipeg, MB

The complete electrical install for 124 multi-dwelling townhomes.

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Royal Stewart Ltd. - Company Profile

Royal Stewart Ltd. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company that has maintained an exceptional history of quality and service throughout the Canadian sports and recreation market. Royal Stewart's CSA and factory certified sales and installation team have the training and experience to help you bring your project from concept to completion.

For over 50 years, Royal Stewart Ltd. has been committed to bringing the highest quality spectator seating and gymnasium equipment to its customers in Canada and many countries abroad. Over the years we have overseen many projects in Schools, Universities and Colleges; as well as hockey arenas, football/baseball stadiums, two Pan-American Games (1967 and 1999) and two Olympic Games (Montreal and Calgary).

We are Canada's oldest and most trusted sports contractor, when your equipment is built by Royal Stewart Ltd., it is built to last!

For over 50 years Royal Stewart Ltd. has been committed to supplying the highest quality products in your sports facilities. Our broad Range of products can accommodate any size of job from pre-school to Universities and beyond. Our products have consistently evolved with new technologies, designs, and building codes; but one thing that has remained constant over the years is our products strength. We at Royal Stewart believe in supplying products that go beyond minimum required specifications.

Our close relationships with our suppliers allow us to react quickly to changes in today’s dynamic construction industry. Modifications and answers can be available in minutes, not days, never putting your project deadlines in jeopardy. Whether you are looking for equipment from our standard range of products or something custom for your facility, the capability lies with Royal Stewart Ltd.