University of Lethbridge

3200 Series Retractable Bleacher, plastic VIP seats, 2 colours.

William Glesby Centre

3200 Series Retractable Bleacher, fully upholstered VIP seats.

Catholic Central High School

2400 Series Retractable Bleacher, plastic contoured seat modules, 2 seat colours for lettering.

University of Winnipeg

Duckworth Centre - 3200 Series Retractable Bleacher, plastic VIP seats, 3 seat colours for lettering.

Weston High School

2400 Series Retractable Bleacher, plastic contoured seat modules.


"From a good foundation, many great things shall be built," someone probably said once. You see, it's not that we don't trust you; we just want to make sure everything goes according to your plan.

Our people are experienced, certified, and thorough, so you can have the piece of mind that comes from having your facility inspected. You know, all those finicky details you don't want to second guess. We offer a full and comprehensive inspection program for both indoor and outdoor equipment that can be tailored to your specific needs, so there are no unexpected bumps and bruises along the way.

Inspections allow us to stay true to our values, one of which includes doing the job right the first time. This commitment has ensured our continued success, and established our reputation as a company that provides reliable product and services - we certainly don't want to lose that winning streak.

When we say that we oversee your project from beginning to end, that means we're making sure every step is done correctly - from the earliest stages of the design process, through to production in our cutting-edge manufacturing facility, installation by factory certified installers, and well beyond project completion. Royal Stewart representatives will discuss all aspects of your particular program requirements with you, incorporating them into an overall master plan that ensures both satisfaction and spectator safety. Go ahead, call us Inspector Gadget, we kind of like it.

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